How To: Serve a tennis ball with some basic rules

Serve a tennis ball with some basic rules

In this how to video, you will learn how to serve a tennis ball. Start off with an eastern forehand grip. You can pretend to shake hands with the racket to find this grip. The knuckle of the index finger should be on top of the handle. Make sure your stance is sideways to the net and the feet are shoulder width apart. Your foot should point at 1 o'clock. The back foot should be parallel to the base line. Your racket should start at pointed towards the net. The first step of the swing involves pointing your elbow at the back fence with the racket behind your back. Secondly, toss the ball in front of you. Lastly, bring your hip and shoulders around and finish with your weight as you hit the ball with the racket. This video offers great advice for the basics of serving.

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