How To: Use UKRSA's ATW pattern for the tennis racket

Use UKRSA's ATW pattern for the tennis racket

Check out this tutorial and learn how to use an Around The World pattern started by the UKRSA's Liam Nolan (USRSA recognized)for your tennis racket. This stringing method requires a starting clamp.

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1 Comment

First time I have seen my pattern on any website, knew it was out there but never looked for it! I have taught about 2000 stringing course members how to use it , simple to learn and 100% effective without compromising the dynamic string tension of the outer mains. That is usually where other ATW patterns fail and my method uses the existing pie off holes as well.

There is one reference at the end to the pattern being a European Racket Stringers Association pattern, well its not! The ERSA are a different crowd. I founded and own the UKRSA.

Good luck to all the stringers out there, Wimbledon looms for me over here in the UK, Liam

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